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Our Recommendations

We are always searching and testing the vast array of online casinos in the market place today. Although our user rating have helped to identify the best casinos in your country we want to also add our personal recommendation based on years of being in this industry. Our rating criteria below explains what we base on recommendations on.


At Casinomarket, we take a thorough approach to rating online Casinos. We score each Casino site on a number of factors – the software, design, bonuses, promotions, variety of markets, ease of deposit and withdrawals and the average user review.

At casinomarket, we take a very close look at welcome offers & promotions.We try and select the best deals and offers that will keep you entertained for longer. We scour through all casinos and select what we feel will help you maximise the fun.

We believe there is the perfect casino for every player, regardless of their location, device or bank balance. We also believe that online gambling should be fun, friendly and (most importantly) safe.


There are hundreds of online casinos in the market and more are entering every day. In this newcomer to online gaming you need to have a lot of time and patience to find the right platform and site for you! We have done the hard work for you and have the expertise to know what you are looking for. In the last year alone we have referred over 6,000 players to the right casino site and have the expertise to help you.

To get our seal of approval and be featured on the site each casino needed to go through a number of stages of. These stages are as follows;

We test their support – and it must be great

We make sure they offer fair trading practices and it is easy to sign up The banking including depositing and withdrawing funds must be reliable Cyber safety must be paramount to the sites focusIf they do not make the grade we do not feature them on our site.


There are so many different factors that a player needs to consider before choosing an online casino. At Casinomarket we have provided in-depth reviews of each of the casino we link out too. In these reviews, we cover everything from the number games available to bonus offers and how quick you can receive your cash payouts.


We have tried to pack as much relevant information into our top online casino listings as possible. We have been in this industry since its inception, we understand exactly what you need from a casino to get started. We focused our top list on the best online casino platforms based on factors such as the number of games available, the welcome bonus for joining, the unique factors at each platform and the minimum deposits players are accepted to make.


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There are thousands of different casino sites out there, with new ones joining the ranks all the time. With so...