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Live Casinos

Playing live casino games online is the closest thing to being there and virtually pull up a seat in the casino without even leaving your home. Through the screen, you will be playing each hand with a live human dealer, with a neat live chat in case you want to ask any questions.

With Casino Market, we can offer the best bonuses and games that take you right into the action. With the choice of playing from your desktop, mobile or tablet, there is no download needed to play live blackjack and live roulette from one of our trusted partners.

Key Features

  • Play with Live Human Dealers
  • Play with Live Packs of Cards
  • 24/7 Games Available
  • Play with Real Money
  • Use Live Chat to Ask Questions
  • As Close to a Real Casino as Possible
  • Play Against the Dealer or Other Players

Available 24/7, there is always a table you can jump into you and start playing. We have selected the best live casinos in the UK, making sure that they are fully licensed and have the best technology for playing live casino games. The thrill of playing with a real dealer and watching live hands being dealt on the screen makes it a true casino experience and more exciting than playing through a computer.


Every casino we feature on Casino Market comes with a bonus offer such as a welcome bonus, free spins or match bonus that will double or triple anything that you deposit. All you need to do is choose the casino that you want to play on, register your account, make a deposit and you are ready to play live!

What Live Casino Games Can You Play?


Live Blackjack

Beat the dealer by playing 21. You get drawn two cards and have to get as close to 21 as possible, getting a better hand than the dealer or hoping that they exceed the number. Nothing beats winning against a dealer in real life – so much more thrilling that against a machine. There are different versions of live blackjack available including European, American and Pontoon.

Live baccarat

A simple game of you versus the dealer where the highest card wins, allowing you to bet live from £1 to £50,000 per hand.

Live roulette

One of the world’s favourite games which involves watching the croupier spin the wheel and land on red or black or a number of your choice. When playing live roulette, you can see the wheel spin and land on the number in real-time, making it a far more exciting experience.

Live poker

Play against real players in high stakes poker whether you enjoy playing hold ‘em, 5 card draw or seven card stud.

Why Play Live Casino Games?

It’s Real

Players enjoy the suspense of watching real hands take place and also playing in a virtually real casino. You are face-to-face with a real live human and English-speaking dealer and not a computer avatar. Depending on the game you can choose to play against the dealer (like in blackjack) or against other players.

It’s Competitve and Engaging

The thrill of playing against other players in games like poker, makes the game more competitive, interesting and real-life. Send comments and warnings to other players using the live chat functionality and also feel free to ask any questions to the dealer if you are new to live casinos. Also, who can resist the fall of the marble in a game of roulette? Watching it slowly spin round and land on your number or colour – it’s as good as being in a casino.

More Trusted

Playing blackjack and roulette online is always a fair game because the results are computer generated using RNG (random number generators). However, there is something even more trusting about seeing the wheel spin in roulette or watching a live deck of cards come out in blackjack. You can have peace of mind that your money is being spent well and that you are playing in a fair game.

Don’t Forget to Use Bonuses!

Casino Market features a number of live casinos and each will come with a welcome bonus for new customers. This is used as a way to attract new players and form a relationship with the customer. You will typically need to register an account and provide a few details about yourself.

Some of the best bonuses for live casinos are reserved for those that make a deposit, since it is a way of showing your commitment to the casino. Your deposit can be matched by the betting company who will double or triple it, known as a ‘matched bonus.’ Other bonuses include reload bonuses to give you extra free spins and matches when you make additional deposits and cashback too.

For those who are new to live casinos, you have the option to claim free spins and also use free demos to play without making a deposit. This can be useful in order to get to grips with how live casinos work and get some experience before playing with real money. If you have any questions, you can always ask questions to the dealer or check the FAQs page for more information.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions for any bonuses that you use because these will typically come with something known as ‘wagering limits’ or ‘wagering requirements.’ This means that before you can cash out and withdraw your winnings that you used from a bonus, you have to use the full terms of the bonus which could include using all the free spins or playing the bonus within a time frame.

At Casino Market, we are proud to offer the latest live casinos bonuses in 2019, making sure that you have access to the best offers and promos on the market. Use our list to find the right casino and games for you and start playing today!